4 Magical Ways for Cultivating Innovation in Your Workplace

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs In the competitive marketplace, customers have many choices, and successful businesses must stand out from the rest. Thus, providing innovative products, services, or approaches for fulfilling customers’ needs...

5 Practices for Building an Innovative Culture

“The day I took on my new role, I said that our industry does not respect tradition—it only respects innovation. I also said that in order to accelerate our innovation, we must rediscover our...

Creating an Innovative Spirit in Your Team

What is an Innovative Spirit ? Why it is a critically important factor for team performance? An innovative spirit is a mindset that actively seeks change rather than waiting to adapt to change. In other words, it’s...

The Five Critical Steps of Apple’s Supreme Service

Many customers believe that Apple makes some of the greatest products in the IT world. In addition, every Apple store has extraordinary customer service staff. The customer service staff of Apple retail stores are screened...
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