Book Recommendations: Squiggly Lines

Book: Squiggly Lines Description: All companies want big ideas. CEOs want innovations to spur growth for the company — new ways of gaining market share and raising revenue. But more than 90% of new product and...

Book Recommendations: Healthovate!

Book: Healthovate! Description: Healthovate! gathers vignettes from more than fifty innovative companies and organizations whose specific breakthroughs are dramatically changing the way people receive and use products and services that enrich their health and well-being....

Book Recommendations: Game Changers

Book: Game Changers Description: Game Changers curates the world of innovation, showing that game-changing business concepts aren’t only about creative destruction; today, they’re much more about skillful adaptation to an economic world in constant flux. Game Changers orients...

Book Recommendations: Connectivate!

Book: Connectivate! Description: Greenovate! Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World is a compilation of stories of how many of the world s leading and emerging companies are addressing sustainability issues with profitable solutions that...
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