The webinar of 創新管理師的專業資格與職涯發展 (Qualification and Career Development of Certified Innovation Professionals) was held at 7 pm on 3 March 2023. The event was co-organized by the School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the Hong Kong Innovation Management Insitute (HKIMI).

Besides the 1-hr webinar, the SPEED of PolyU and HKIMI co-organize a 30-hour certification program for Certified Innovation Professionals on 9 May 2023.

The webinar was conducted by Dr. Keith Chau (Senior Continuing Education Consultant, SPEED) and Mr. David Chung (the Chairman of HKIMI) and divided into 10 parts.

Part 1: 香港創新管理學院的「使命」與「功能」
Part 2: 大灣區與香港地區「對創新人才需求的程度」
Part 3: 香港的專上院校「培育創新人才的方式」
Part 4: 創新管理師的「職能」與「專業知識」
Part 5: 創新管理師的「4個級別」
Part 6: 創新管理師的資歷「對個人職涯發展幫助」
Part 7: 大學畢業生「如何考取創新管理師的資歷」
Part 8: 創新管理師的人數 (國際與香港地區)
Part 9: 創新管理師的課程內容與資助安排
Part 10: 以全人教育的角度,分析創新管理師的職涯發展

Part 1

Topic: 香港創新管理學院的「使命」與「功能」

Duration: 5-min

Part 2

Topic: 大灣區與香港地區「對創新人才需求的程度」

Duration: 3-min

Part 3

Topic: 香港的專上院校「培育創新人才的方式」

Duration: 2-min

Part 4

Topic: 創新管理師的「職能」與「專業知識」

Duration: 6-min

Part 5

Topic: 創新管理師的「4個級別」

Duration: 5-min

Part 6

Topic: 創新管理師的資歷「對個人職涯發展幫助」

Duration: 5-min

Part 7

Topic: 大學畢業生「如何考取創新管理師的資歷」

Duration: 9-min

Part 8

Topic: 創新管理師的人數 (國際與香港地區)

Duration: 6-min

Part 9


Duration: 4-min

Part 10

Topic: 以全人教育的角度,分析創新管理師的職涯發展

Duration: 5-min

Upcoming training program for Certified Innovation Professionals

Date: 26 Aug to 7 Oct 2023


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