The first class of Innovation Associate (Level 1) and Innovation Manager (Level 3) workshops will be held on July 22-25 (Global Schedule) in Hong Kong and details of the workshops are as below:

Innovation Associate (Level 1) Workshop

Date: 22 & 23 July of 2019


This Innovation Associate (Level 1) Workshop is divided into three major sections covering the conceptual and practical elements on how to generate breakthrough innovations:

  • Demystifying Innovation: Learn the definition of innovation, understand what does innovation mean to business, and recognize what constitutes an innovation breakthrough.
  • Innovation Techniques: Review different innovation tools and techniques to help you generate better ideas, work effectively with your team and even during project meetings, and leverage networks and partners.
  • Innovation Breakthrough Process: Learn the innovation methodology and how global companies have applied it for the purpose of generating more and better ideas.


This Innovation Associate (Level 1) Workshop is designed for individuals who:

  • Are candidates for the Associate (Level 1) and/or Master (Level 2) innovation certification
  • Are looking for a simple but proven process to help jump start their innovation efforts
  • Are new to innovation or in the early stages of their innovation journey or career
  • Are part of or starting to work on a few innovation projects
  • Want to be key contributors on innovation projects and initiatives
  • Wants to be competitive and marketable in career by mastering the creative thinking skills.

Total Fee: US$1,500 (Examination fee is included)

Venue: SCOPE Classroom (UR5 & UR9), 8/F, United Centre, Admiralty, HK

For enrollment or inquiry, please email to

Innovation Manager (Level 3) workshops

Date: 24 & 25 July of 2019


The Innovation Manager (Level 3) Workshop covers the three core competencies of innovation management:

  • Innovation Strategy (What, Why, When and Where): Develop strategic innovation imperatives and targets, balanced and robust innovation portfolios, and a high-value innovation pipeline;
  • Innovation Capacity (Process, People and Resources): Build an innovation process from concept to customer, innovation teams and networks across the value chain, and innovation assets and resources; and
  • Innovation Discipline (Leadership, Culture and Metrics): Create a supportive and effective innovation organization through behavior and culture, metrics and monitoring, and rewards and recognition


This workshop is designed for individuals who:

  • Are manager or director who want to advance their career into innovation management
  • Are senior-level executives and entrepreneurs who are leading and managing the entire innovation process across their organization
  • Are candidates for the Manager (Level 3) and/or Leader (Level 4) innovation certification

Total Fee: US$1,900 (Examination fee is included)

Venue: SCOPE Classroom (UR5 & UR9), 8/F, United Centre, Admiralty, HK

For enrollment or inquiry, please email to


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