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Creating an Innovative Spirit in Your Team

What is an Innovative Spirit ? Why it is a critically important factor for team performance?An innovative spirit is a mindset that actively seeks change rather than waiting to adapt to change. In other words, it’s...

Book Recommendations: Squiggly Lines

Book: Squiggly LinesDescription:All companies want big ideas. CEOs want innovations to spur growth for the company — new ways of gaining market share and raising revenue. But more than 90% of new product and...

HKUSPACE-GIMI Certificate Program of Digital Leadership and Innovation

Rapid technology advancement is reshuffling economic powerhouses in the world landscape. With the evolution of the Revolution 4.0 progressing rapidly, the world economy is more than ever technology-driven fuelled by innovation.  As new digital...

The business innovation trends and core competences of innovation talents in Greater Bay Area

The President of HKIMI, Mr. David Chung, was invited by the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) of City University of Hong Kong to conduct a session about the business innovation trends and...

Book Recommendations: Connectivate!

Book: Connectivate!Description:Greenovate! Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World is a compilation of stories of how many of the world s leading and emerging companies are addressing sustainability issues with profitable solutions that...

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