The training program of the “Professional Certificate in Innovation Management” is co-organized by the School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Hong Kong Innovation Management Institute (HKIMI).

The targeted participants are the management of Service and Hospitality Sectors, such as Accommodation & Hotels, Banking & Insurance, Food and Beverage, Entertainment & Recreation, Healthcare Services, Software Development, Travel and Tourism and Wholesale & Retail Services.

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for this program:

Q1: 香港創新管理學院的「使命」與「功能」是甚麼?
Q2: 大灣區與香港地區「對創新人才需求的程度」有幾大?
Q3: 創新管理師的「職能」與「專業知識」是什甚麼?
Q4: 創新管理師的「4個級別」是甚麼?
Q5: 創新管理師的資歷「對個人職涯發展」有甚幫助呢?
Q6: 大學畢業生「如何考取創新管理師的資歷」呢?
Q7: 創新管理師的人數(在國際與香港地區)有幾多?
Q8: 創新管理師的「課程內容」是甚麼? 政府學習資助如何申請呢?

For details or online registration, please click here

For details or online registration, please click here


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